Surface Innovations

ISSN 2050-6252 | E-ISSN 2050-6260
Volume 12 Issue 3-4, June 2024, pp. 202-211
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1. Atta A Negm H Abdeltwab E Rabia M Abdelhamied MM 2023 Facile fabrication of polypyrrole/NiO x core–shell nanocomposites for hydrogen production from wastewater Polymers for Advanced Technologies 34 5 1633 1641 CrossrefGoogle Scholar
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3. Alotaibi BM Atta MR Abdeltwab E Atta A Abdel-Hamid MM 2023 Surface modifications and optical studies of irradiated flexible PDMS materials Surface Innovations Google Scholar
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16. Alotaibi BM Atta A Atta MR Abdeltwab E Abdel-Hamid MM 2023 Modifying the optical properties of hydrogen-beam-irradiated flexible PVA polymeric films Surface Innovations Google Scholar
17. Alotaibi BM Al-Yousef HA Alsaif NA Atta A 2023 Characterization and optical properties of polymer nanocomposite films for optoelectronic applications Surface Innovations 11 1–3 142 154 LinkGoogle Scholar
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58. Atta A Alotaibi BM Al-Yousef HA Abdel-Reheem AM 2023 Preparation, surface characterization and dielectric studies of hydrogen irradiated Cu/PANI polymer composites Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 18 2 475 484 CrossrefGoogle Scholar

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