Environmental Geotechnics in Practice is an informative and practical guide to the realities of land-based waste disposal. Drawing together significant case histories from across the world where key lessons have been learned, the book provides an engaging overview of this important field.

Focusing on land-based waste disposal sites where there is significant interaction between ground engineering and the environment, coverage includes key elements of a wide variety of waste disposal systems, environmental threats posed, and ways that environmental damage can be prevented. Together, the case histories demonstrate that whatever type of waste is being disposed of it is possible to use geotechnical principles and practices to design a suitable facility. The author also highlights important lessons that will assist current designers and constructers of waste disposal facilities to address problems posed by climate change and land shortage.

Environmental Geotechnics in Practice will encourage readers to critically appraise the applicability of any design concept and data for the whole lifetime of a waste disposal project. The book will be valuable to a wide readership including professionals working in geotechnical engineering, environmental science, geology, and waste management, as well as students of these subject areas.
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