Emerging Materials Research

ISSN 2046-0147 | E-ISSN 2046-0155
Volume 9 Issue 3, September 2020, pp. 943-959
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In recent years, polymer/graphene nanocomposites have attracted much attention because of their wide applications in many fields, such as chemistry, physics, materials and electronics. In this review, the preparation methods of polymer/graphene nanocomposites, including solution blending, melt blending and in situ polymerisation, were presented in order to study the relationship between these methods and their final properties. Each method has an influence on the final characteristics of the nanocomposites. Their respective advantages and disadvantages were discussed. Additionally, the potential application research of graphene-reinforced polymer nanocomposites, including supercapacitors, sensors and solar cells was detailed comprehensively. The current review demonstrated that the nanocomposites exhibit superior performances and will be applied as new materials or novel devices. The research direction of polymer/graphene nanocomposites in the future was also predicted.

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