Magazine of Concrete Research

ISSN 0024-9831 | E-ISSN 1751-763X
Volume 52 Issue 4, August 2000, pp. 227-234
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The use of high-strength concrete (HSC) with compressive strengths exceeding 50 MPa is becoming very popular around the world. However, HSC is a more brittle material than normal-strength concrete, showing a steeper softening slope beyond the peak of the stress–strain curve. Therefore the stress–strain models developed for normal-strength concrete are not suitable to determine the full-range moment–curvature behaviour including the softening portion of a high-strength concrete section. A new stress–strain model to predict the full-range behaviour of HSC is presented in this paper. This model, termed the ‘modified Scott model’, is based on modifying the important parameters of the widely used Scott model, which is applicable only for normal strength concrete.

Keywords: concrete

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