Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers -

Management, Procurement and Law

ISSN 1751-4304 | E-ISSN 1751-4312
Volume 174 Issue 4, November 2021, pp. 141-144
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The attributes of a successful project are well-documented in the literature, including the roles of health and safety in procurement. However, integrating health and safety strategies into a labour-only procurement system (LoPS) has remained a challenge in practice and has received only a little attention in research. This study proposes measurable strategies for integrating health, safety and well-being (HS&W) into LoPS, towards improving productivity and project outcomes. The study emphasises that HS&W will improve in LoPS projects relative to contractors’ self-regulation of their HS&W culture. In addition, HS&W benefits LoPS when project stakeholders collaborate seamlessly and deploy integrated tools that support HS&W. This also includes optimising shared decision protocols involving project owners and contractors regarding materials and subcontractor selection, whereby HS&W is a critical decision parameter. Through the framework proposed in this study, stakeholders and future studies should be able to improve their understanding of the cost of HS&W and the social benefits of LoPS, particularly to developing economies around the world.

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