Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers -


ISSN 1751-4223 | E-ISSN 1751-4231
Volume 170 Issue 1, February, 2017, pp. 2-11
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Various human activities are accountable for global warming and climate changes, jeopardising the future of civilisation. The root of the problem lies in energy consumption due to the energy transformations that result in greenhouse gas emissions. This is a critical time for implementing an eco-energy-oriented policy at a global level to address the issues of global warming and climate changes. This paper suggests a global energy policy model, which not only aims at ensuring an efficient environmental protection but also at ensuring security of energy supply. The framework of this model encompasses the following comprehensive measures which should be implemented at a global level: integral energy planning, management of future energy consumption, energy saving, achievement of an intensive level of use of renewable energy sources, application of new technologies in the transportation system and restricted use of fossil fuels. The age of the carbon-oriented economy should be terminated as quickly as possible.

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