Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers -

Engineering and Computational Mechanics

ISSN 1755-0777 | E-ISSN 1755-0785
Volume 171 Issue 2, June, 2018, pp. 49-64
Themed issue on the 25th UKACM computational mechanics conference - part 1
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This paper presents a new triangular flat shell element for reinforced concrete slabs of complex planar configuration subjected to extreme loading. The element is developed within a co-rotational framework, and it incorporates the effects of geometric as well as material non-linearities. To improve the approximation of the solution, additional hierarchic parameters are introduced within the local system of the element. The element formulation allows for composite action between different layers under the assumption of perfect bond between the slab concrete material, the reinforcement layers and the steel deck for composite slabs. To account for floor slabs of irregular geometric configurations, due allowance is made for uniaxial reinforcement to be oriented arbitrarily within the slab plane. The paper briefly describes the element formulation followed by several numerical verification examples. The applicability of the element to modelling concrete slabs is demonstrated using several validation studies against existing experimental results. The versatility of the element is further exemplified with a realistic large-scale floor slab model subjected to extreme loading scenarios. It is shown that the developed element provides a good balance between accuracy and efficiency in the modelling of irregular floor slabs subject to extreme loading conditions.

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