Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials

ISSN 2045-9858 | E-ISSN 2045-9866
Volume 1 Issue 3, June 2012, pp. 173-182
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This study presents preliminary results on a coating method based on biomimetic techniques which are designed to form a calcium-phosphate layer very similar to the process corresponding to the formation of natural bone. The proposed deposition route has several advantages of controlled conditions, application to complex shapes, without adverse effect of heating besides being cost effective. Samples were alkali etched and subsequently heat treated. Afterwards, the biomimetic deposition process of a calcium-phosphate coating on the chemically pretreated substrates, were investigated using the SBF immersion route for 4 and 6 days subsequently and discussed. The formed layers were studied using FESEM, confocal microscopy and FT-IR before and after SBF soaking tests. Biochemical analyses of calcium and phosphorous contents in SBF—solutions after samples withdrawal—were performed for the biomimetic assessment of the formed layer along with pH measurements. The data suggests that this method can be successfully applied to obtain deposition of calcium-phosphate and calcium carbonate layers on titanium substrates.

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