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Or alternatively, check the list of Frequently Asked Questions below to see if the answer to your query is provided.  If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQs please contact us.

If you are having difficulty accessing the site, please click here for step-by-step instructions and contact details.

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I want to purchase a Collection, but would like to discuss it beforehand. Who do I talk to?
Please contact Lesley Maw, our sales manager, for both journal and ebook purchases, at

How do I contact my regional sales agent?A full list of regional sales agents is available here.

Can I purchase individual articles?
Yes. All our journal articles can be purchased individually, as well as all our book chapters. Articles can be added to the shopping basket.  The price is £15 (£5 for ICe members) and the paper is hosted locally, i.e. you will not have access rights to it from ICE Virtual Library in perpetuity.

I am an ICE Member - don't I get discounts on some journal subscriptions?
Yes, to take advantage of your member discount please go to MyICE and purchase there. 

I am an ICE member and I have purchased a subscription, but I cannot access it. What is wrong?
Please contact our ICE subscrptions department on


How do I check the progress of my order?
If you wish to receive an update on the progress of your hardcopy order please contact our distributor by telephone +44 (0) 1892 832299+44 (0) 1892 832299, by fax +44 (0) 1892 837272 or by email

I am having problems registering / logging in.  What now?

If you have previously registered but cannot recall your password please click ‘forgotten your password’.  To proceed with a purchase on the site you will be prompted to either log in (if you have previously registered) or to register.

What do I do if my payment by credit card has been rejected?
This could have happened for a number of reasons. You may have entered some of your details incorrectly on the payment page. If this is a possibility please attempt to place your order again; in particular please check that the address details that you have used on the payment page reflect the billing address for your credit card. If there is still an issue please contact your credit card company

I do not own a/do not wish to pay by credit card, how can I place an order?
You can make your payment via a PayPal account. Or, if you wish to place an order for hardcopy product only, please contact our distributor by telephone +44 (0) 1892 832299+44 (0) 1892 832299, by fax +44 (0) 1892 837272 or by email to request an electronic proforma which will set out options for payment

I wish to order some NEC contracts published by Thomas Telford Ltd. but I can’t find them on the website.  Where do I get them?
The full range of NEC2 and NEC3 hardcopy contracts can be ordered on the ICE Virtual Library website but electronic versions can only be ordered via

Authors - editorial

What is the status of my paper, when will it be published?
When you have successfully submitted your paper or article, you will receive an email confirming safe receipt by the journal office.  If your submission is accepted for peer review, you will receive a second email (within a few days) including your submission’s unique tracking number and explaining the peer-review process.

If you do not receive a tracking number within a few days, your submission has not been accepted for review. If the journal office has not contacted you already, please contact us to ask why.

You can check the status of your submission at any time from anywhere by logging into the journal submission website with your username and password. It will either be with the journal office, with reviewers or with the editorial advisory panel to make a decision.

Where do I submit my article?
To find out more about submitting your article, click here, or visit individual journal homepages for more information.  Accepted submissions will appear online through the ahead of print service, and then in the next available print issue of the journal.  If you have received, checked and approved the proofs of your submission, it will appear online within six to eight weeks’ time. 

When will I receive the free copies of my published article?
Authors receive a complimentary PDF of their individual submission. Copyright terms are provided to allow authors to freely share this file with contacts and colleagues for non-commercial purposes. More details are given at publication stage.

Can I use colour in my article?
ICE Publishing journals are published in print and online in black and white. Colour printing can be requested by contacting the journal office, at a cost of £750 per article.

I want to publish my article Open Access
We are fully compliant with the requirements of all open access funders. To read our policy on open access click here. If you have a additional question, ask the Journals Manager at

What type of content should I include in my technical article?
Your submission should be timely, interesting and technically accurate.

Your text should be illustrated with relevant graphs, images or tables. An example format for a paper is as follows.

1. Abstract –150 word summary of your paper.
2. Introduction – definition of a problem or issue.
3. Main body – illustrated description of the development and verification of your solution, including methods and results.
4. Conclusions – discussion of your solution, including applicability, limitations and any further work needed.
5. Acknowledgements – to any people or organisations who helped you.
6. References – to all publications you used, in Harvard format (e.g. Smith (2009)).

See our full author guidelines for further details.

Authors - production and processing

What is 'ahead of print'?
Ahead of print is the process whereby once you, the author, have approved the typeset proof then we will make the article available online for you and your colleagues to cite. The article will appear in print once it has been assigned to a particular issue by the journal’s editor. It can be cited using the DOI.

What is a DOI?
The DOI is a permanent, unique identifier that enables you to cite material published online. The article’s DOI will remain the same even if the journal’s website address changes making it the easiest option for identifying and locating a specific article on the internet. Whenever citing your article, whether the print or online versions, you should always include the DOI as this will allow the reader to access, at the very least, the abstract of your paper. If you type the following URL into the address bar of your web browser <> and then enter the DOI in the dialogue box presented on this web page, you will be taken directly to the abstract of the article. For example, Jean Venables’ presidential address (doi: 10.1680/cien.2009.162.1.3) can be found here

How long will it take for my paper to be published?
Your manuscript, once it has been accepted as ready for production, passes through a number of quality control steps before it can be published these include copy editing, resolving any outstanding queries, typesetting, proof-reading, indexing, correction, printing and distribution.  As an author, quickly responding to queries and signing off your paper will help us advance it rapidly.

My figures haven't been reproduced well - they look grainy and blurred. What has gone wrong?
The better quality figures you provide then the better quality reproduction we will be able to achieve. If you provide screen grabs from a website then the image will appear very pixelated on the printed page whereas if you provide high-quality TIF files from your digital camera then this will be reflected in the sharpness of the image that we are able to reproduce. Your Journals Editor will be happy to advise you regarding any images which are not 300dpi or above.

How can I get printed copies of my paper?
We offer authors reprints of the papers published in our journals and when you receive your proofs to check you will also receive an order form if you wish to order printed copies of your article.  

Rights and Permissions

For details on reproducing ICE Publishing material or publishing third party material in your ICE Publishing article/chapter/book see our Rights and Permissions page.
For enquiries relating to translation rights and any other  rights or permissions queries contact us at


How do I report a problem with your website?
To report a technical fault with the website, please contact

What is your commitment to accessibility?
Click here to read our accessibility policy.

How do I sign up for email alerts?
You can sign up for email alerts on your personal homepage, accessible by clicking on 'My Home' at the top of the ICE Virtual Library page. Alternatively, you can click to sign up for table of contents alerts in the right hand navigation bar on specific product pages.

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