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Our journals represent the highest standards of research and best-practice in civil engineering. ICE Proceedings form a unique interface between the worlds of theory and practice in civil engineering. Géotechnique and Magazine of Concrete Research are internationally renowned for publishing research of the highest quality. Covering every major civil and structural engineering discipline, our journals are a comprehensive source of expertise for everyone in civil engineering.

ICE Publishing is also a supporter of open access. Our journals are fully compliant with the open access requirements of research funders. If you would like to publish open access with us, read our policy here.

Finally, as part of our increasingly popular initiative, Best of Research and Practice, each fortnight our editorial team handpicks key articles from our leading journals and makes them available to access free.  Click here to sign up to this mailing list and gain free access to these essential papers.

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  • image of Advances in Cement Research
    Advances in Cement Research
    • Content available: 1987–
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    • Impact Factor 0.59. SJR 0.713

      Advances in Cement Research highlights the scientific ideas and innovations within the cutting-edge cement manufacture industry. It is a global journal with a scope encompassing cement manufacture and materials, properties and durability of cementitious materials and systems, hydration, interaction of cement with other materials, analysis and testing, special cements and applications.

      • - It is free to submit to our journal.Papers appear Ahead of Print (below) as soon as they are ready to be published. Ahead of print articles are fully citable using the DOI system.
  • image of Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
    Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
    • Content available: 2012–
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      • Impact Factor 0.978
      • Editor-in-chief: Professor Cordt Zollfrank, Center of Life and Food Sciences, Technische Universität München, Germany

      Bioinspired, biomimetic and nanobiomaterials are emerging as the most promising area of research within the area of biological materials science and engineering. The technological significance of this area is immense for applications as diverse as tissue engineering and drug delivery biosystems to biomimicked sensors and optical devices.  

      Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials provides a unique scholarly forum for discussion and reporting of structure sensitive functional properties of nature inspired materials. 

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  • image of Civil Engineering Innovation
    Civil Engineering Innovation
    • Content available: 2007–2009
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    • Civil Engineering Innovation is a dual language journal republishing papers from Proceedings of the ICE and translating them into mandarin...

      The journal ceased publication in 2009. Any enquiries regarding this title should be directed to

  • image of Dams and Reservoirs
    Dams and Reservoirs
    • Content available: 2008–
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    • Dams and Reservoirs is the official journal of the British Dam Society (BDS).

      The journal welcomes high quality technical papers, technical notes, briefing articles, case studies and discussions from all over the world related to the design, construction, operation, safety and environmental aspects of dams, reservoirs and their ancillary works. The journal reports on the work of the BDS worldwide and the related work of the International Commission on Large Dams.

      To submit a paper to the journal, please contact the Editor by email:

  • image of Emerging Materials Research
    Emerging Materials Research
    • Content available: 2012–
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    • Editor-in-chief: Professor N.M Ravindra, Department of Physics, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

      Materials Research is constantly evolving and correlations between process, structure, properties and performance which are application specific require expert understanding at the macro-, micro- and nano-scale. The ability to intelligently manipulate material properties and tailor them for desired applications is of constant interest and challenge within universities, national labs and industry.

      EMR is featured in several abstract and indexing services. Click here to view a full list.

      EMR is committed to providing authors with a variety of publication benefits including online manuscript submission, rigorous and rapid peer review, and free colour production. Click here to view a full list.

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  • image of Environmental Geotechnics
    Environmental Geotechnics
    • Content available: 2014-
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    • In twenty-first century living, engineers, researchers and administrators need to deal with growing problems related to climate change, oil and water storage, handling, storage and disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes, remediation of contaminated sites, sustainable development and energy derived from the ground – to name but a few! 

      Environmental Geotechnics aims to disseminate knowledge and provides a fresh perspective regarding the basic concepts, theory, techniques and field applicability of innovative testing and analysis methodologies and engineering practices in Geoenvironmental Engineering. 

      Environmental Geotechnics accepts keywords from both the proceedings list and this list.

  • image of Geosynthetics International
    Geosynthetics International
    • Content available: 1994–
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    • Impact Factor 1.676. Geosynthetics International is ranked 4/268 in the Scopus category of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology and 17/32 in the Web of Science category of Engineering, Geological.

      An online only, rapid publication journal, Geosynthetics International – an official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) – publishes the best information on current geosynthetics technology in research, design innovation, new materials and construction practice.

      Topics covered: the whole of geosynthetic materials (including natural fibre products) such as research, behaviour, performance analysis, testing, design, construction methods, case histories and field experience. Geosynthetics International is received by all members of the IGS as part of their membership, and is published in e-only format six times a year.

      • - To read the Editor's best papers for free click here.
      • - To download free papers from the journal's archive (before 2003), visit the IGS website by clicking here.
      • - To read a list of the most cited papers over the lifetime of the journal, click here.
      • - To read a list of the most highly cited papers over the last 5 years, click here
      • - It is free to submit to this journal. Papers appear Ahead of Print (below) as soon as they are ready to be published. Ahead of print articles are fully citable using the DOI system.
      • - To view Guidelines for Authors for Geosynthetics International, click here
  • image of Geotechnical Research
    You or your institution have access to this content Geotechnical Research
    • Content available: 2014
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    • Aims and Scope:

      Geotechnical Research aims to disseminate knowledge, on any aspect of modern geotechnics, through the Gold Open Access model (Funded by Article Publication Charges (APCs)) to engineers worldwide. The rigorous blind peer-review process is carried out by an international editorial board encouraging short processing times. There is no word limit placed on papers published in Geotechnical Research, allowing work in its entirety to be judged by peers worldwide regardless of their own budget. The APC for this journal is £1000. 

      Benefits of submitting to Geotechnical Research include:

      • - Access: all articles are free online to allow all authors to read, download and re-use articles for research purposes
      • - Quality: work must be rigorous and conclusions justified
      • - Impact: decided by readers (usage of free articles)
      • - Article length: no limit (at Editor's discretion)
      • - Production process: rapid four-week online only publication.
      • - License options: Author control of copyright and publishing re-use terms via choice of CC-BY ( or CC-BY-NC-ND ( licenses.

      There is no initial submission fee to Geotechnical Research. APC price at acceptance: £1000 (+VAT). Discounts and waivers are available to certain groups:

      • ICE member as corresponding author - 15% discount
      • Members of International Geosynthetics Society or British Dam Society (as corresponding author) - 15% discount
      • Journal Panel/Board member as corresponding author - 20% discount
      • Institutions or people that subscribe to the following: ICE Publishing Complete (15% discount), Current Engineering (15% discount) and Premier collection customer (20% discount)
      • INASP country list – see More details below.
  • image of Green Materials
    Green Materials
    • Content available: 2013-
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    • Editor-in-chief: Professor Michael Shaver, Department of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 

      With increased strain on petroleum resources and growing markets in China, India and across the globe, the importance of fiscally and environmentally responsible materials has never been higher. These green materials build from the field of green chemistry, the utilization of principles to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products. At the most basic level, research in green materials looks to develop alternatives to traditional materials or processes that offer an environmental advantage. 

      The focus of Green Materials relates to polymers and materials, with an emphasis on reducing the use of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of products. 

      Green Materials proudly announces the first 'Frontiers in Green Materials Research Symposium', taking place on Monday 7th December 2015. For more information and to register, please see:

      GMAT is featured in several abstract and indexing services. Click here to view a full list.

      GMAT is committed to providing authors with a variety of publication benefits including online manuscript submission, rigorous and rapid peer review, and free colour production. Click here to view a full list.

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  • image of Géotechnique
    • Content available: 1948–
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    • Impact Factor 1.868 (two year);   2.242 (five year);   SJR 3.910.

      Established in 1948, Géotechnique is the world's premier geotechnics journal, publishing research of the highest quality on all aspects of geotechnical engineering. Géotechnique provides access to rigorously refereed, current, innovative and authoritative research and practical papers, across the fields of soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and environmental geotechnics.

      • - To submit to this journal is free. Papers appear Ahead of Print (below) as soon as they are ready to be published. Ahead of print articles are fully citable using the DOI system.
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Most read recently across all our journals:

  • 1. Shear capacity of reinforced concrete corbels using mechanism analysis
    Author(s): Keun-Hyeok Yang; Ashraf F. Ashour
  • + Show Description
  • 2. Experiences of dry soil mixing in highly organic soils
    Author(s): Martin J. Timoney; Bryan A. McCabe; Alan L. Bell
  • + Show Description
  • 3. Soil stability and flow slides in unsaturated shallow slopes: can saturation events trigger liquefaction processes?
    Author(s): G. BUSCARNERA; C. DI PRISCO
  • + Show Description
  • 4. How Eurocode 7 has affected geotechnical design: a review
    Author(s): Trevor L. L. Orr
  • + Show Description
  • 5. Stiffness and damage in masonry bridges
    Author(s): Bill Harvey
  • + Show Description
More >
  • 6. Achieving more for less at Canary Wharf Crossrail station, London
    Author(s): Hoe Yeow; Duncan Nicholson; Cliff Bryant; Martin Westbury
  • + Show Description
  • 7. Scour failure of bridges
    Author(s): Brian Maddison
  • + Show Description
  • 8. Visualization of contact line motion on hydrophobic textures
    Author(s): Katherine M. Smyth; Adam T. Paxson; Hyuk-Min Kwon; Kripa K. Varanasi
  • + Show Description
  • 9. On dimensioning the base of a traditional retaining wall
    Author(s): R. Butterfield
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  • 10. Development and testing of a prototype straw bale house
    Author(s): Katharine Wall; Peter Walker; Christopher Gross; Craig White; Tim Mander
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